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Curriculum for the Hospitalized Aging Medical Patient
End of Life/Palliative Education Resource Center
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A longitudinal curriculum aims to develop residents’ knowledge and skills caring for older adult patients across a spectrum of care settings.

PGY1: Outpatient Care of the Older Adult

 -- Diagnose and treat geriatric syndromes encountered in the outpatient setting

 -- Recognize how outpatient care of older adults may differ from that of younger adults

 -- Practice functional and cognitive assessment in frail elders

PGY2: Inpatient Care of the Older Adult & Transitions of Care

 -- Diagnose and treat geriatric syndromes encountered in the inpatient setting

 -- Consult on patients with complex clinical problems requiring risk assessment

 -- Assess and treat pain and non-pain symptoms in hospitalized older adults

 -- Participate in a family meeting to address goals of care -- Manage and coordinate care and care transitions across multiple delivery systems, including inpatient, subacuterehabilitation and skilled nursing

-- Identify common medical errors that may occur during transitions of care


If problems arise, please page Dr.Thompson, rotation director, at 1396 or contact Marilyn Tapper at 834-4333.